If you own or ever owned a dog, you might remember trying to train that dog to obey your commands. Most people might even more vividly remember that dog ignoring them or doing the complete opposite of what they asked. Even more frustrating, you have probably looked around and seen perfectly trained dogs in your neighborhood. The question becomes: what have their owners done that I’m not doing?

After doing some research, I’ve found that one of the most popular methods for training animals, and in particular dogs, is what is commonly known as “clicker training”. The name comes from the main tool used – a clicker. The sound it makes resembles the noise made by a bottle cap when it is pressed. It is effective because it is distinct and easy for the dog to recognize, even from far away. So, how does clicker training work? The idea is based on the principles of operant conditioning, which was first written about by B.F. Skinner. Clicker training as we know it was popularized by Karen Pryor, who first used it in training dolphins.

Clicker training is the use of a plastic clicker as a conditioned reinforcement (i.e., something the dog has learned to enjoy as a reward, as opposed to a primary reinforcement – something the dog naturally enjoys, like food). Clicker training works by associating the sound of the clicker (a sharp click) with the receipt of a reward (typically food).This is accomplished by first “charging” the clicker. During this phase, the owner will click and then give the dog a treat. The dog does not have to do anything at this point to receive his reward. By repeatedly clicking and treating, the dog begins to connect the click to the food. Once that is done, the clicker can be used as a marker that lets the dog know that because of what he was doing at the sound of the click he will be rewarded with food sometime in the near future.

There are two ways to begin “shaping” a desirable behavior (like sitting): you can use a lure to make the dog perform the behavior or you can try to capture the behavior as the dog performs it naturally. Both are effective and they can don’t have to be used exclusively.

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Luring can be accomplished by using a treat to make your dog perform a behavior. In the example of sitting, a treat would be lifted over the dog’s head and back, until the dog’s head lifts and butt drops. The benefit of using the lure is the time savings. You don’t have to sit around waiting for the dog to naturally perform some behavior you want.

On the other hand, you have the “capturing” method. The benefit of capturing behaviors is that you can capture any cute or funny or useful behavior your dog just happens to perform. For instance, let’s say your dog spins around (for what seems like no apparent reason). You would simply click the behavior, letting the dog know that spinning is something you like and he will now receive a treat for doing it. Eventually, the dog will figure out that when he spins, it makes you happy and he receives a treat. He will then start spinning at random times in an effort to receive treats. At the point when the dog starts offering up the desirable behavior on his own, you can start to introduce a cue, either verbal or otherwise (typically a hand signal).

Ultimately, you will be able to give a command to your dog and watch as he eagerly performs the desired behavior. There are multiple benefits to clicker training. First and foremost, it allows your dog to learn. At times, you will be able to actually see your dog trying to figure out what he or she can do to get that click. He or she will then go through a list of tricks they know to figure out what you’re looking for, some of which you may not have seen before.

Another benefit of using the clicker is the ability to communicate to the dog at the exact moment that he performs the desirable behavior. Some people use this same method, but with a verbal reinforcement – “Good dog!”, for instance. While this can be effective, the length of time it takes to say it can confuse the dog as to what behavior you are rewarding. Also, if you say the correct command, but with a different inflection or tone of voice than what the dog has learned, you might not actually be reinforcing the behavior. Lastly, once you understand the basics of clicker training, this method is a cheap, effective of way of training your dog to learn all sorts of fun and useful behaviors.

If you’ve tried and failed to train your dog in the past, or if you plan on training a dog in the future, do yourself a favor and give Clicker Training a try.

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SoCalTitle24.com is an energy consultancy company that has been in the field for more than ten years. The company focuses majorly in the production and assessment of Title 24 Energy Reports for any constructions either coming up or in existence.

Affordable Rates

SoCalTitle24.com has amazing rates for their Title 24 Calculations reports that are not only affordable but also compliant to the California Energy Commission rules and regulations. For instance, all properties under six thousand square feet are valued at a fixed flat rate of $245 while any property above six thousand square feet is valued at a fixed flat rate of $345.

Quickest Turn-around Time

Clients that have interacted with SoCalTitle24.com can attest to the fact that their reports are not only cheap and affordable, they also deliver their work within three to five business days. Convenience is key; affordable detailed reports at a fast delivery speed.

Quality Guarantee

For every report you have done by SoCalTitle24.com, you are guaranteed approval by your local building department without fail. If by any chance there will be a need for revision or corrections, SoCalTitle24.com will undertake the same at no extra cost. As if that is not enough, they will also ensure and re-register your Title 24 Reports.


Convenience is the selling point for SoCalTitle24.com. Also, bear in mind that their rates are affordable and their reports are detailed and guaranteed of approval. With their many years in the field, you cannot possibly go wrong with SoCalTitle24.com services call them today at (909) 257- 7547

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SoCal Title 24
8659 Red Oak St. #I
Rancho Cucamonga 91730

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Dog pulling the leash.

The old saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend. But what about the times when Fido is less than perfect? Dog owners love their pooches but want to make sure that their dog is well trained. There is nothing worse than coming home to discover your loving family pet has destroyed the couch or torn apart every trashcan in the house. Many dogs have common behavioral issues and with a little work and training a dog can be man’s best friend again. Here are dog-training solutions to common bad dog behavior.


Digging is a dog's natural behavior.

You know the drill. You let your pooch outside in the fenced backyard to do business and the next thing you know, your dog is knocking at the front door. Is your dog Houdini? Doubt it. Your dog is just very good at digging. First, you must remember that a dog does not exhibit less-than-perfect behavior to annoy you. Remember that digging is a natural instinct for dogs, so you can’t blame him for trying. One way to train your dog to stop the urge for digging whether he is digging up your flowerbeds or under the fence is to redirect your dog’s attention to something more appropriate. Consider constructing a small sandbox where your dog can dig to their heart’s content. When you see your dog digging and enjoying the appropriate location, offer lots of verbal praise and rewards. Your dog will soon learn that digging where you want him to dig is the way to your heart. Another good solution to is bury either charcoal or your dogs feces in the holes. This may sound strange, but think about it. Have you ever seen your dog digging near the area where he relieves himself? Hiding the poop where you do not want the digging to continue will make that spot unattractive to your dog. More than likely, it will probably curb your dog’s desire for digging. This will help train your dog to stop digging under the fence.

Pulling the leash

Ever wanted to spend a nice day at the park with your dog, only to come home with sore, aching arms? Dogs who are untrained on the leash can be a nightmare to walk. If you have ever been pulled down the street by a 100-pound dog, you have to wonder who is walking whom. Pulling on the leash during walks is another bothersome behavior, but it can easily be solved with the right kind of training. If you have never trained your dog, it is not

too late to learn. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Of course, if you get a puppy, that is the time to start getting your pooch leash trained. If you have tried to train your dog on a leash and find that the pulling still continues, you may want to look into an obedience course. Consider signing up for a dog behavior class where dogs learn basic commands, including leash etiquette. When you train your dog at home, your dog will also respond well to positive reinforcement and treats. Be sure to have plenty of treats on hand when teaching your dog to walk on a leash. It may take some practice and time, but your dog is capable of learning to walk on the leash without pulling you around town. With the right training on a leash you will soon find that taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood can actually be an enjoyable activity.


Dogs love to chew.Every puppy owner knows the despair of a constantly chewing dog. Chewing tops the list as the most annoying and most destructive form of doggie behavior. Dogs may chew on priceless rugs or expensive shoes not because they want to cause you heartache, but because there is some underlying issue. Your dog can be trained to stop the chewing. If you have a puppy, he or she is chewing simply because it is probably teething. Puppies need a way to help them teethe, just as human babies do. Offer your puppy lots of attractive doggie toys and playtime. If you catch your puppy red-handed, redirect his or her attention to one of the teething toys. If your find your dog chews on items around the house while you are away, and your dog is not a puppy, then it is possible your dog is suffering from separations anxiety. Training a dog to stop chewing for this reason can be a little more difficult, however, it is not impossible. If your dog is left alone for long periods of time, you dog could simply be bored and looking for amusement. If you think your dog is chewing because she is bored while you are away or is suffering from separation anxiety, consider crate training. Most dogs do not mind being in a crate because it reminds them of a natural den environment. Crate training is completely appropriate and your dog will soon enjoy crate time.

With a little time and patience, you can train your dog to stop bad behavior. You love your dog and you owe it to your pooch to teach him or her ways to help you both get along. Remember that many dogs are left at animal shelters because of the owner’s frustration at improper training. Get your dog trained and you will have many happy years together.

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Rancho Cucamonga is a suburban city in the state in California and is part of the Inland Empire area, which consists of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. This city is located to the east of San Gabriel Mountain, about 37 miles to the east of Lost Angeles. The name Cucamonga, spelled kukamonga, is an Indian word, which means sandy place. Located along the coast of California and with many important public amenities, Rancho city has earned many distinctions over the years. If you are a first time visitor, you are likely to come across Victoria Gardens. Its exciting architecture is perhaps the reasons it is one of the important landmarks in Cucamonga city.

Home In Rancho Cucamonga Needing Plumbing Services

Owning a home in Rancho Cucamonga is exciting because it gives you the opportunity to claim a piece of the city. However, as you know, being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. For you and your family to live in comfort and be happy, everything has to be in good working order, including your plumbing fixtures. Nevertheless, we know that this is not always the case and sometimes, you will have a leaking water heater, or clog sink. That should not be a reason for you worry because Rancho Cucamonga offers you the following plumbing services, only a call away.

Bathroom Drain Clog Services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning and Repair in Rancho Cucamonga

If you have owned a home for a long time, chances are that your piping may clog due to many years of accumulated silt, sand or scale. Essentially, your piping will clog and water will not flow out of your kitchen or bathroom. A clogged drain is a nightmare, but, fortunately, you can rest easy because your local plumber is well equipped with state of the art hydro jet equipment, which will sort out this problem in no time.


Rancho Cucamonga Sewer Inspection and Clog Locating

Sometimes the reason your bathroom drain is not working properly could be that your sewer line is compromised. It could be that your sewer line collapsed or the trees in your yard have roots growing into the sewer line. Plumbing services in Rancho Cucamonga like InlandCalPlumbing includes state of the art camera inspection of your sewer line to locate the cause of the blockage accurately and at reasonable cost.


Water heater installation and repair in Rancho Cucamonga

Your dream has come true and now you are a member of the homeowners association. The next big thing is to install a water heater so that when winter comes taking a bath does not became an option. In Rancho Cucamonga, water heater installation is a same day service offered by InlandCalPlumbing. What do we mean? Right, so you call in and your plumber of choice will arrive within a few minutes and install your water heater. If your current water heater does not work well because of rust leakage, you will not have to wait for two days for your plumber to come in and a have a look; it is a same day service!


Drain and sewer repair in Rancho Cucamonga

From experience, Small leaks under the kitchen sink or bathroom cannot always be avoided. In most cases, you may be required to do a complete overhaul of your sewer line. You have a number of highly qualified plumbers to choose from who years of experience and are have well qualified to have a look at your situation and give you the best and cost effective option.


Final word

As a homeowner, you are likely to experience plumbing challenges. For that reason, you need the best plumbers at your disposal to help you fix any plumbing issues that may arise. As a resident of Rancho Cucamonga, you have experienced and qualified plumbers who offer a range of plumbing services at a reasonable cost!






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Camping HammockWhat’s the first picture that pops into your head when someone mentions camping? Probably tents, or more specifically, sleeping in tents. The two activities have been linked together for so long that it is hard to conceive of a camping trip without the experience of tents included. However, recently, that picture in your head may start to change in accordance with the growing popularity of the hammock. Thanks to the various changes in design and material that they have undergone in the last few decades, hammocks are no longer just applicable for swinging in the backyard of your home on a lazy summer day but also as an alternative to tents everywhere in the world.

Easier to Set Up

What sets apart the hammock as an appropriate choice of sleeping accommodation? First of all, it is easier to set up. Compared to the troubles we go to for making up bed mattresses or fixing tent poles, a regular hammock only takes around two minutes to be set up. For those who may be wondering about not being able to find bolts to hook the hammock onto, these products nowadays come with a freestanding hammock stand you can hook the material onto.

Easier to Dry Off

Best Camping HammockThe Best Camping Hammocks come in very handy during trips in the rainy season. While tents may naturally seem like the better option regarding protection from the rainwater, it is also harder to dry off after every night. Hammocks take less time to dry off and in addition to that, it also relieves you from the discomfort of sleeping amidst puddles and mud from the rain.

Mosquito Netting

Apart from the free stand, hammocks also offer various other facilities. It has a mosquito netting that covers the entire hammock, also running along the sides. Inside the hammock, there is a ridgeline where you can store important items like your cell phone or a small torch. There may also be another ridgeline outside the hammock from which you can hang your backpack and other gear or let your boots dry off.

Good for Your Health

Camping Hammock

As well as being quality-assured, these hammocks are also health-approved. It has been proven that sleeping in hammocks come with health benefits. One such benefit comes from the sleeping position, which requires you to lie down on your back with the head slightly upwards; this position is encouraged by doctors to increase blood flow to the brain. Hammocks are also optimal for reducing body pain overall.

Helps You to Sleep Faster

And lastly, it helps you to sleep faster. After a long day of trekking or other physical activity, what any backpacker would want is a good night’s sleep. The very idea of being cocooned into a tight blanket that radiates warmth should be enough to put you to sleep the second you lay on the hammock.

In conclusion, it would be hard to find a reason not to opt for a hammock: it is any backpacker’s dream come true. However, proper knowledge and a little bit of practice are encouraged to make your experience even more fruitful!

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Dogs have often been called man’s best friend. The reason for this comparison is simple, dogs are loyal, kind, and loving…no matter what they will never leave your side when they are treated with love.

Dogs are one of the low maintenance animals to keep. They will never fail to let you know when they want to play, when they are hungry, and when they need to go to the bathroom. When caring for your dog, be sure to not over feed. Overfeeding can cause a multitude of health problems.

Be sure to wash your inside dog at least once a month with mild flea soap strong enough to kill fleas, ticks and their eggs. This will also condition their skin so they will not be irritated by dryness. Frontline and Advantage are the best flea and tick products to buy for your dog.

Spaying a neutering is extremely helpful to maintain loyalty to you and your family. If your dog is not fixed and is easily distracted by the opposite sex then your dog’s priority can become confused.

Also be sure that your dog gets de-wormed and has its Parvo and Rabies shot by its vet as needed. This is absolutely mandatory for the safety of your dog.

For large dogs a healthy menu should consist of 2 cups three times daily of dry dog food. Once in a while table scraps and or wet dog food is good to give as a treat…but remember not to over do it. Over eating can cause serious health problems.

Perhaps the most important maintenance requirement when caring for your dog is to play with it regularly. Exercise is just as good for dogs as it is for humans. Taking then to the lake, wilderness excursions, hunting, to the park, vacations, and even your favorite sporting events with your friends can create a bond that is unbreakable to man’s best friend.

If you wanted to train your dog simple commands can be quite easy to portray. For instance, telling your dog to “Protect” when ever you leave is a good place to start. The next step in this particular training would be to have someone in a thickly padded jump suit, hat/mask come to a window or a door and try to get in. It is important that you are home for the first few attempts as you will need to be present to reward your faithful companion with encouraging words and a treat when your dog barks to warn you…not to mention to keep this exercise a safe one. If however your dog does not bark, you should then reiterate the command “Protect” and encourage your dog to let you know there is someone trespassing.

This can be a very valuable response. Your dog will become an exceptionally compassionate alarm system that will be pleased to announce any and all potential danger to you and your family. This will signify a bond making him realize that he is now a part of the family.

These are just a few of the main points when caring for your dog.

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There is a portion of animal owners (myself included) that have a difficult time finding a bed big enough for our “mammoth” dogs. Unless you are willing to share your own bed with your canine companion then you need to find them a bed of their own. If you care about the physical condition and wellbeing of your big guy then there’s no better way to ensure good bone and joint strength than choosing a large memory foam dog bed. There are very little places you can find these beds in the larger sizes, especially if you are shopping at your area pet supplier, but via the internet you can find a extensive range of these beds available. There is such a broad selection that you will most likely be overwhelmed by the abundance of selections. So here are a few key points on choosing the right bed for you and your pet.

Why a Memory Foam Bed?

I do not and will not endorse any other type of bed for these large canines. Large sized pets are at a incredibly high danger for joint problems, hip dysplasia and arthritis so providing them with a bed that can help avoid or reduce these troubles is an vital aspect for their health and longevity. Orthopedic memory foam beds relieve and avert these issues while giving your dog the support they need for their giant frames. A large memory foam dog bed has a soft feel like to gel that adjusts to the dog’s body figure and pressure points for maximum resiliency and comfort.

What size do you need?

Large dogs need more room to stretch out so take into consideration the mass of your dog before choosing their bed. Just to be on the safe side, get out the tape measure. If you are selecting a bed for your new puppy opt for one that is large enough so they don’t outgrow it. Search the internet for the normal size and weight of your pet breed/breeds when they are completely grown. This will give you a better ballpark figure on how large they will actually be. Always choose one size larger to be on the safe side. This will save you a lot of money in the long run in case your dog outgrows your estimation.


Larger dog breeds tend to be harder on their possessions, so choosing a bed made with durable, quality materials is a must. These huge breeds tend to chew, drool and dig more than their smaller cousins so it is key to keep an eye on what the cover textile on a large memory foam dog bed is made out. The covering needs to be a machine washable, removable cover so you can keep them sterile and fresh. A good pick is canvas and micro fibers, which are stain resistant, and simple to clean. Also you also want to look for a bed with an antibacterial, mildew resistant and water repellant lining. There are only a few color picks obtainable with these beds but you can purchase replacement covers or if you are good with a sewing machine it is not strenuous to make your own if you want a special color to match your home furnishings. I have made several replacement covers for my dog’s bed just so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Consider your large memory foam dog bed to be an investment for a lifetime. It is key that you make size, durability and comfort a priority rather than aesthetics and cost. Of course, if you shop on-line you have a better probability of finding a good quality bed that fits his needs at bargain prices.

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Nothing is more satisfying for your dog than curling up in bed after a long hard day of work and play. Dogs also need at least 10 hours of sleep each day; otherwise, your dog becomes irritable. Getting enough sleep is just as important to dogs as with humans.

Like us, dogs deserve to have a comfortable place to sleep too. Dog owners who truly love and care for their pets’ needs understand that dog beds aren’t just unnecessary accessories. Dog beds are beyond the fashion and comfort it can give; it provides a feeling of warmth and security, insulation, and support for backs and joints, which will all give a positive effect to your dog’s health.

However, searching for the right dog bed can be a challenge, particularly when you have a big dog. So how can you find the best dog bed for your big fuzzy friend?

  1. Don’t Guess on Size

Never guess on the size of the dog bed. Not all dogs under the same breed have the same size so it is best to measure your pet’s height and length. Make sure your furry pal can spread out and lay on its bed without his limbs hanging off.

  1. Durability

While it is easy to find a cheap dog bed, chances are your big, heavy dog can flatten out its bed in just a short period. So choose a superior quality dog bed especially calibrated for heavy, agile dogs. You don’t want to keep replacing dog beds; apart from the fact that you’ll be wasting so much money, it can take some time for your dog to warm up to its new bed.

  1. Mind Your Dog’s Preferences

Dogs are just like humans: they also have their own idiosyncrasies. Observe your dog’s sleeping styles before you purchase an expensive dog bed. Dog beds vary in shapes and textures to suit your dog’s preferences. If your dog tends to sleep in a ball, consider getting him a bagel bed, or a bolster bed if he likes to raise his head. Big dogs who love to spread out as wide as they can, would love a rectangular bed. Dog beds with nappy textures are perfect for dogs who love to dig, circle, and scratch before they lie.

  1. Specific Needs

Big dogs and senior dogs have specific needs; thus, requiring a special bed. A big dog’s physique can only upset its posture when he lies down on an uneven or cushion-less surface. On the other hand, senior dogs need a firm yet comfortable mattress than can fully support its weight and help alleviate the pain from problems such as arthritis, hip, and elbow dysplasia brought by old age. Most orthopedic dog beds have memory foam that conforms to the sleeping pattern of your dog while providing optimum support and other therapeutic effects.

  1. Style & Earth-Friendly Choices

You don’t necessarily have to match the dog bed with your couch, but if you insist, you can find dog beds with beautiful aesthetics to complement your home décor. Eco-friendly dog beds for big and small dogs are also available if you wish to promote eco-awareness. These types of beds are made of 100% recyclable materials.


In choosing the best bed for a big dog, keep in mind that the most important factors are the size, personality, and health issues of your pet. It is always better to invest in an expensive yet durable dog bed instead of cheap beds that need frequent replacement.

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It will be hard to resist picking up a cute little puppy from your local pet store. Most pet owners rush in to close the deal, more often than not. What they don’t understand is a puppy comes with a whole lot of responsibility. Spending major part of your day for your puppy is a real prospect. More like babies, they cry and crave for attention. It will be a hard first day to lock it up in a crate. A newborn or few weeks old is a raw deal. It is not toilet trained, and it doesn’t learn much in puppy mill environment.

Age matters…

Best age for the puppy to be taken home is 12-14 weeks. It is the ideal time to introduce your furry friend into household. Older puppies are least likely to bond well with your family. Puppy that is too small and young, it wouldn’t have experienced adequate social interaction. It will see you as a threat or enemy, which is a recipe for disaster.

Avoid puppy mills…

Don’t do it the run of the mills way while purchasing your puppy. It is your social responsibility to avoid puppy mills. The horrors of puppy mills are hard to forget for the puppy. Puppy mills place puppies in glasses, where numerous people rudely poke at glass and do unwanted stuff. Breeders are the ones who care for the puppy and they happen to be the best place where a prospective owner can get one.

Learn about the mother…

Dogs tend to carry strong imprint from their mothers. If the mother is an aggressive dog, puppy will be one as well. Puppy with a mother, willing to interact is the best choice for dog owners. You need to know about the mother before bringing your furry pet home. To find out its breed, you must know about both parents.

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