There is a portion of animal owners (myself included) that have a difficult time finding a bed big enough for our “mammoth” dogs. Unless you are willing to share your own bed with your canine companion then you need to find them a bed of their own. If you care about the physical condition and wellbeing of your big guy then there’s no better way to ensure good bone and joint strength than choosing a large memory foam dog bed. There are very little places you can find these beds in the larger sizes, especially if you are shopping at your area pet supplier, but via the internet you can find a extensive range of these beds available. There is such a broad selection that you will most likely be overwhelmed by the abundance of selections. So here are a few key points on choosing the right bed for you and your pet.

Why a Memory Foam Bed?

I do not and will not endorse any other type of bed for these large canines. Large sized pets are at a incredibly high danger for joint problems, hip dysplasia and arthritis so providing them with a bed that can help avoid or reduce these troubles is an vital aspect for their health and longevity. Orthopedic memory foam beds relieve and avert these issues while giving your dog the support they need for their giant frames. A large memory foam dog bed has a soft feel like to gel that adjusts to the dog’s body figure and pressure points for maximum resiliency and comfort.

What size do you need?

Large dogs need more room to stretch out so take into consideration the mass of your dog before choosing their bed. Just to be on the safe side, get out the tape measure. If you are selecting a bed for your new puppy opt for one that is large enough so they don’t outgrow it. Search the internet for the normal size and weight of your pet breed/breeds when they are completely grown. This will give you a better ballpark figure on how large they will actually be. Always choose one size larger to be on the safe side. This will save you a lot of money in the long run in case your dog outgrows your estimation.


Larger dog breeds tend to be harder on their possessions, so choosing a bed made with durable, quality materials is a must. These huge breeds tend to chew, drool and dig more than their smaller cousins so it is key to keep an eye on what the cover textile on a large memory foam dog bed is made out. The covering needs to be a machine washable, removable cover so you can keep them sterile and fresh. A good pick is canvas and micro fibers, which are stain resistant, and simple to clean. Also you also want to look for a bed with an antibacterial, mildew resistant and water repellant lining. There are only a few color picks obtainable with these beds but you can purchase replacement covers or if you are good with a sewing machine it is not strenuous to make your own if you want a special color to match your home furnishings. I have made several replacement covers for my dog’s bed just so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Consider your large memory foam dog bed to be an investment for a lifetime. It is key that you make size, durability and comfort a priority rather than aesthetics and cost. Of course, if you shop on-line you have a better probability of finding a good quality bed that fits his needs at bargain prices.

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Nothing is more satisfying for your dog than curling up in bed after a long hard day of work and play. Dogs also need at least 10 hours of sleep each day; otherwise, your dog becomes irritable. Getting enough sleep is just as important to dogs as with humans.

Like us, dogs deserve to have a comfortable place to sleep too. Dog owners who truly love and care for their pets’ needs understand that dog beds aren’t just unnecessary accessories. Dog beds are beyond the fashion and comfort it can give; it provides a feeling of warmth and security, insulation, and support for backs and joints, which will all give a positive effect to your dog’s health.

However, searching for the right dog bed can be a challenge, particularly when you have a big dog. So how can you find the best dog bed for your big fuzzy friend?

  1. Don’t Guess on Size

Never guess on the size of the dog bed. Not all dogs under the same breed have the same size so it is best to measure your pet’s height and length. Make sure your furry pal can spread out and lay on its bed without his limbs hanging off.

  1. Durability

While it is easy to find a cheap dog bed, chances are your big, heavy dog can flatten out its bed in just a short period. So choose a superior quality dog bed especially calibrated for heavy, agile dogs. You don’t want to keep replacing dog beds; apart from the fact that you’ll be wasting so much money, it can take some time for your dog to warm up to its new bed.

  1. Mind Your Dog’s Preferences

Dogs are just like humans: they also have their own idiosyncrasies. Observe your dog’s sleeping styles before you purchase an expensive dog bed. Dog beds vary in shapes and textures to suit your dog’s preferences. If your dog tends to sleep in a ball, consider getting him a bagel bed, or a bolster bed if he likes to raise his head. Big dogs who love to spread out as wide as they can, would love a rectangular bed. Dog beds with nappy textures are perfect for dogs who love to dig, circle, and scratch before they lie.

  1. Specific Needs

Big dogs and senior dogs have specific needs; thus, requiring a special bed. A big dog’s physique can only upset its posture when he lies down on an uneven or cushion-less surface. On the other hand, senior dogs need a firm yet comfortable mattress than can fully support its weight and help alleviate the pain from problems such as arthritis, hip, and elbow dysplasia brought by old age. Most orthopedic dog beds have memory foam that conforms to the sleeping pattern of your dog while providing optimum support and other therapeutic effects.

  1. Style & Earth-Friendly Choices

You don’t necessarily have to match the dog bed with your couch, but if you insist, you can find dog beds with beautiful aesthetics to complement your home décor. Eco-friendly dog beds for big and small dogs are also available if you wish to promote eco-awareness. These types of beds are made of 100% recyclable materials.


In choosing the best bed for a big dog, keep in mind that the most important factors are the size, personality, and health issues of your pet. It is always better to invest in an expensive yet durable dog bed instead of cheap beds that need frequent replacement.

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It will be hard to resist picking up a cute little puppy from your local pet store. Most pet owners rush in to close the deal, more often than not. What they don’t understand is a puppy comes with a whole lot of responsibility. Spending major part of your day for your puppy is a real prospect. More like babies, they cry and crave for attention. It will be a hard first day to lock it up in a crate. A newborn or few weeks old is a raw deal. It is not toilet trained, and it doesn’t learn much in puppy mill environment.

Age matters…

Best age for the puppy to be taken home is 12-14 weeks. It is the ideal time to introduce your furry friend into household. Older puppies are least likely to bond well with your family. Puppy that is too small and young, it wouldn’t have experienced adequate social interaction. It will see you as a threat or enemy, which is a recipe for disaster.

Avoid puppy mills…

Don’t do it the run of the mills way while purchasing your puppy. It is your social responsibility to avoid puppy mills. The horrors of puppy mills are hard to forget for the puppy. Puppy mills place puppies in glasses, where numerous people rudely poke at glass and do unwanted stuff. Breeders are the ones who care for the puppy and they happen to be the best place where a prospective owner can get one.

Learn about the mother…

Dogs tend to carry strong imprint from their mothers. If the mother is an aggressive dog, puppy will be one as well. Puppy with a mother, willing to interact is the best choice for dog owners. You need to know about the mother before bringing your furry pet home. To find out its breed, you must know about both parents.

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