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SoCalTitle24.com is an energy consultancy company that has been in the field for more than ten years. The company focuses majorly in the production and assessment of Title 24 Energy Reports for any constructions either coming up or in existence.

Affordable Rates

SoCalTitle24.com has amazing rates for their Title 24 Calculations reports that are not only affordable but also compliant to the California Energy Commission rules and regulations. For instance, all properties under six thousand square feet are valued at a fixed flat rate of $245 while any property above six thousand square feet is valued at a fixed flat rate of $345.

Quickest Turn-around Time

Clients that have interacted with SoCalTitle24.com can attest to the fact that their reports are not only cheap and affordable, they also deliver their work within three to five business days. Convenience is key; affordable detailed reports at a fast delivery speed.

Quality Guarantee

For every report you have done by SoCalTitle24.com, you are guaranteed approval by your local building department without fail. If by any chance there will be a need for revision or corrections, SoCalTitle24.com will undertake the same at no extra cost. As if that is not enough, they will also ensure and re-register your Title 24 Reports.


Convenience is the selling point for SoCalTitle24.com. Also, bear in mind that their rates are affordable and their reports are detailed and guaranteed of approval. With their many years in the field, you cannot possibly go wrong with SoCalTitle24.com services call them today at (909) 257- 7547

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