Camping HammockWhat’s the first picture that pops into your head when someone mentions camping? Probably tents, or more specifically, sleeping in tents. The two activities have been linked together for so long that it is hard to conceive of a camping trip without the experience of tents included. However, recently, that picture in your head may start to change in accordance with the growing popularity of the hammock. Thanks to the various changes in design and material that they have undergone in the last few decades, hammocks are no longer just applicable for swinging in the backyard of your home on a lazy summer day but also as an alternative to tents everywhere in the world.

Easier to Set Up

What sets apart the hammock as an appropriate choice of sleeping accommodation? First of all, it is easier to set up. Compared to the troubles we go to for making up bed mattresses or fixing tent poles, a regular hammock only takes around two minutes to be set up. For those who may be wondering about not being able to find bolts to hook the hammock onto, these products nowadays come with a freestanding hammock stand you can hook the material onto.

Easier to Dry Off

Best Camping HammockThe Best Camping Hammocks come in very handy during trips in the rainy season. While tents may naturally seem like the better option regarding protection from the rainwater, it is also harder to dry off after every night. Hammocks take less time to dry off and in addition to that, it also relieves you from the discomfort of sleeping amidst puddles and mud from the rain.

Mosquito Netting

Apart from the free stand, hammocks also offer various other facilities. It has a mosquito netting that covers the entire hammock, also running along the sides. Inside the hammock, there is a ridgeline where you can store important items like your cell phone or a small torch. There may also be another ridgeline outside the hammock from which you can hang your backpack and other gear or let your boots dry off.

Good for Your Health

Camping Hammock

As well as being quality-assured, these hammocks are also health-approved. It has been proven that sleeping in hammocks come with health benefits. One such benefit comes from the sleeping position, which requires you to lie down on your back with the head slightly upwards; this position is encouraged by doctors to increase blood flow to the brain. Hammocks are also optimal for reducing body pain overall.

Helps You to Sleep Faster

And lastly, it helps you to sleep faster. After a long day of trekking or other physical activity, what any backpacker would want is a good night’s sleep. The very idea of being cocooned into a tight blanket that radiates warmth should be enough to put you to sleep the second you lay on the hammock.

In conclusion, it would be hard to find a reason not to opt for a hammock: it is any backpacker’s dream come true. However, proper knowledge and a little bit of practice are encouraged to make your experience even more fruitful!

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